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FIRE in the belly!

Revealed: Fire starting magic in 5 steps that just about anyone can follow

Not only do we all want it so we can conquer everything our heart desires for…

We long for it because…FIRE in the belly FEELS good…don’t it?

Raw, naked, steamy PASSION.

When the fires lit, we feel it…really feel it deep DOWN, it’s like we can do no wrong…

We throw our hands in the air and shout… “I’ am ON FIRE!”


We get more done in a day than we did in a month…and we ENJOY IT!



The fire goes out:-(

Baaaack to life….baaaaack to reality…

Everything seems uphill. We can’t seem to “get her done” and truth be told, we get a bad case of the “I don’t want to’s.”

We wait around…hoping to feel better…maybe we try and find someone or something to get our fires lit again…and the longer we wait…the more anxiety we feel…and if our fires stay out long enough…we start to see only darkness…

Bills pile up.

Sales letters don’t get written.

We put off our workout for another day.

We avoid all the important things in life and we’re so utterly frantic with all the BS that keeps piling up that we’ve got one pea-sized speck of energy left for our families.

We’re grumpy…we snap at our kids and wives/husbands, while we smooch the booties of our bosses, kowtow to clients and try and impress people we don’t even know.

We’d fix this mess we’re in if only we didn’t have to go to the doctor tomorrow to get our high blood pressure checked.

“Damn it all!” we think…”When will my fire come back?!?”

I knooooow.

I lived this way…for 35 years…35 CENTURIES!!!

Then I noticed…

Some people….

The happiest most successful people I knew…

Seemed to be able to LIGHT THEIR OWN FIRE…

I always thought…you had it…or you didn’t…

I thought some people were just born with more fire in their bellies.

You know what I found out?

I found out I could light my OWN FIRE.

And baby…

That’s all she wrote.

I stopped smoking. Dropped 50 pounds. Became a millionaire. Stopped arguing with my wife. Fell in love with my wife all over again. Bought our first house. Bought our second home (our dream home.) Got out of debt. Helped thousands of people with their love and financial lives…and…


I’m curious if you’d be open to me sharing how I discovered how to light a fire in my belly…and keep it lit?

I’d put it in a book…but that wouldn’t do it justice.

Besides…I want to see the fire light up in you. That’s half the thrill for me. The other half is watching your life SOAR after your fires are lit.

I’ve fashioned my fire starting magic into 5 steps…that just about anyone can follow.

If you’d be open…just send a reply here

I sure appreciate you.

I’m doing my best to serve people at a deeper level. Your comments help me do that:-) It means a lot to me!

Thanks in Advance!

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